WWII French Fortress

This Fortified coastal Battery dates from World War II. At the time, Morocco was a French colony, when Nazi Germany invaded france, they gained control over some french colonies too, in fact, when the United States landed troops in North Africa they fought against the French and Moroccan soldiers stationed here. I don’t know the history of this particular fortification, but this exact part of the moroccan coast, in harbor cities like El Jadida, and Casablanca the US Navy and Army fought several battles against the Vichy (german controlled) French forces.

|Today, the giant battleship-type guns once mounted here are gone, leaving just the armored shell, but the emplacement itself is still interesting. It’s inhabited by local Moroccans who DO NO LIKE tresspassers, so I’d advise against entering the gate, but take a look around the base and see if you can find the tunnel that ran out to the ruins near the cliff.

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