Wedding Season in Morocco

Rabat Wedding Car

The family decorates a nice car for the bride and groom.

Wedding season in Morocco lasts all summer long, and reaches fever pitch during the month before Ramadan, which will fall in mid august this year.

Moroccan weddings are huge events, money exchanges hands between the families of the bride and groom before hand, and the actually civil ceremony is held sometimes weeks or months before the big celebration event. The wedding party itself lasts for an astonishing 10-14 hours! Usually starting with a meal at 8pm, and lasting until sunrise the next morning, the celebration features Loud traditional music, pastries, dancing, and a few special events: One is the entrance of the bride and groom. The Bride is generally carried to the wedding, either on a giant litter, or inside a giant box on top of a horse. The Groom arrives in shining white garments, often on horseback. Loud trumpets play as the march down the street and enter the house. During the night the bride will leave 3 times to change into 3 different colored dresses.

Ask around with Moroccans you meet while you’re in Rabat, especially for poor families they would be thrilled to have a well dressed foreign guest to show off at their wedding!

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