Running at the Hilton Park

Hilton Park Rabat

The Entrance of the Hilton Park

The Hilton Park is the best place to run in Rabat. This fenced and guarded public running path is the perfect place for a run or walk. It’s very popular with women, who might feel uncomfortable running at the beach or elsewhere in this culture.

The best way to get here is by taxi unless you are staying in Agdal. Tell the driver Hilton Park (even though the nearby hotel is actually the Sofitel. The Park has a few places to play soccer, and an abandoned go-kart track. There is one small cafe/store where you can get water.  The Running trail is about 2 miles long (3km) if you take the longest path all the way around the park.  Keep in mind that there are NO BATHROOMS at the Hilton Park, but if you hold your head up high you can usually waltz into the Sofitel and use theirs if you need to.

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