From $160

Hilton Sofitel

Climate Control Swimming Pool WiFi

Telephone: 05 37 67 56 56
International: +212 537675656

Address: Suisse, Rabat

The Hilton Sofitel in Rabat, is one of the highest rated hotels in the city. It’s located next to the royal palace, and freatures a swimming pool, lush gardens, and a large park nearby for jogging. Expect four star service and a great relaxing stay. The Hilton is located far from the main boulevard of Mohammed 5th, but very close to the more European neighborhood of Agdal. But taxis are easy to find here day or night. The hotel just underwent a major renovation so expect everything crisp and fresh inside and out.

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  1. عمرو عبد العزيز محمد ابو الفصل

    انا مخلص سياحه وفنادق قسم مطبخ وعاوز اشتغل فى المفرب لو ليا فرصه شغل اتصل بيا على الارقام 01288109781

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