From $30

Hotel Majestic

Price: Single 250 Dh ($30) Double 300Dh ($45)

Address: 121 Avenue Hassan II "Tanee" Rabat, Morocco

Telephone: 05 37 72 29 97

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Hotel Majestic is a great little hotel, and a fantastic value for the price. Located near Bab al Had, near the main boulevard and the central train station. Hotel Majestic’s lack of airconditioning is a downside, but the location is excellent, and the facilities are clean. Hotel Majestic’s staff is helpful and there is a place to relax out on the patio. Don’t miss the delicious ice cream served downstairs.


  1. I stayed here about 4 years ago. It did have airconditioning, and the rooms were clean, had TV and the staff was great. It was about 150 Dirham cheaper than the place I stayed in Agdal, and was way cleaner and closer to downtown. I’d recommend it for people who want to see the old city.

  2. boucharef


    je voudrai réservé une chambre simple. Merci

  3. We stayed here in May 2011, and we would recommend this hotel to others who are traveling on a budget. The price was about 350 dirham per night. The rooms are not air conditioned, and there is not an elevator (just FYI). We had our own bathroom. The room was basic and fairly clean, and the location was great. One drawback was that the hot water for showers was not dependable.

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