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Hotel Ibis Moussafir

Climate Control Swimming Pool WiFi

Address: 32 Rue AbelRahman Ghafiki, Agdal, Rabat, Morocco

Telephone: 05 37 77 49 19

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Hotel Ibis Moussafir is located right next door to Rabat’s second main train station: “Rabat-Agdal” . It’s part of a large chain of hotels, and you can expect a well trained staff, a pool and clean rooms with television, wifi and air conditioning.  Hotel Ibis Moussafir is an excellent choice for people visiting the city with a car, since parking is much more easily available in this area. Hotel Ibis Rabat is in the trendy neighborhood of Agdal, where most of the city’s classiest restaurants, cafes and boutique shops are also located.

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  1. nadiana ribeiro

    Sou do Brasil,gostaria de conhecer Rabat,como já conheço o hotel do Brasil,gostaria de me hospedar no IBIS.
    Quero levar uns 10 dias ai em Rabat.
    Tem como vocês me mandar os valores, de 10/09 a 20/09.

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