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Hotel Bouregreg

Address: Avenue Hassan II (Rue Nador) Rabat, Morocco

Telephone: 05 37 72 41 10

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Hotel Bouregreg is located just outside the old Medina of Rabat, near the gate of “bab melleh”. The street outside is very busy with buses taxis and pedestrians, and Hotel Bouregreg is right in the middle of things, only a short walk from the boulevard mohammed 5th and entrance of Bab Al Hed. There is a large park nearby with pigeons and a playground for kids. Hotel Bouregreg’s lobby is dark but spotlessly clean. This hotel would be a good choice if you’re looking for a clean place to stay right in the thick of things. This neighborhood is generally safe.

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  1. Annie Conforti

    Bonjour,je reserve’ un chambre dans votre hotel pour la nouit du 20 may ou nom Conforti .Mais je jamais ou la confirme.S’il vous plais vous pouriez me confirme’ la reservation.Mercie

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