From $28

Hotel Berlin

Price: single- 225 Dirhams ($28) Double- 330 Dh ($45)

Address: 261 ave. Mohammed 5th (2nd floor)

Phone: 05 37 70 34 35 or 05 34 64 85 46

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Hotel Berlin in Rabat is a homey little hotel right on Avenue Mohammed 5th. Hotel Berlin has big nice rooms, but no TV or air condidioning.  great location in the  center of town, near Bab Al Hed. The street outside Hotel Berlin is one of the city’s busiest, so street-facing rooms may be a little noisy. The neighborhood is quite safe, due to a large number of police that patrol the nearby government builldings.

(County code +212 with no leading zero for international calls)


  1. Victor Manuel Perez Gonzalez

    Muy buenas, esté fin desemana viajare con una compañera de estudios a Rabat y quisiera alquilar 2 habitaciones individuales, desde el sabado día 3 al miercoles 7. espero contestacion vuestra atentamente victor manuel.
    contesteme y mande confirmacion y precio.

  2. Bonjour:
    J’aurai un petit groupe que je veux bien faire loger dans votre hotel pour deux nuits:19 et 20 Avril prochain. Ce sera 3 singles en demi pension plus moi le guide du groupe.Si vous avez la disponibilité, merci de m’envoyer votre e-mail pour vous faire parvenir la roominglist et me faire un bon prix.

  3. Asma ABOU ALI

    Homey ?! You can’t be serious .. they made me stay in a shitty room just the night before an important exam .. The room is actually without any window. The problem ia that when I made the reservation they gave me the number 29 but when I came they changed to number 39. And it is lettrary a shitty room !

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