Transit in centreville rabat.

When you arrive at Gare Rabat Ville, you’ll ascend an escalator to street level and look out on a large traffic circle with a fountain. You will have three options for transit from here:
Blue taxis (called petit taxis) can take you anywhere in the city, but they are limited to 3 passengers. If you choose a taxi that is parked at the train station already, they will demand a much higher price, instead walk up the street half a block and hail an empty can that is passing by.
Tramway. Located around the right side as you exit the station, it was built as a first of its kind in morocco, the tramway is probably the best way to get from centre Ville to Agdal in one direction or to Sale in the other direction. The line is no close to hotels like Hotel Oumlil. Don’t forget to purchase a ticket before boarding and validate your ticket once you are on board.
Grand Taxis. These beige sedans are the most expensive option, but if you have more than three people, or much luggage, you’ll want to take one. The grand taxis from the train station will take you to any hotel in the city, and even to as far away as hotel sable d’or in Temara.

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