Tour Hassan

-Tour HassanTour Hassan, Rabat Morocco

The Tour Hassan is the signature site of Rabat. It was built in the middle ages and partially destroyed by an earthquake. The pillars were re-stacked and the giant topless minaret still dominates the skyline above the bouregreg river. Admission is free, but the site closes down whenever the king or members of the royal family go to visit the tombs of their ancestors, including the former king Hassan the 2nd.

The royal tombs are also open to the public, and are quite impressive. There is also a garden on the east side of the grounds with plantings and a fountains. There are guards on horseback with traditional moroccan military dress guarding the main entrances on both sides ( It is not a problem to take thier picture).

Two notes of caution: the man in the strange costume is a water carrier, and if you take his picture, you’ll need to pay him a few dirhams. These crazy women to live nearby will approach you and offer to do henna painting for free on your hands. ***Stay away from them, they’ll start screaming and demand 100 dirhams for their work. Hope you enjoy this fun cultural site!

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