The Rabat Kasbah (Kasba des oudayas)

Rabat’s kasbah des Oudaya, is a must see attraction. It’s blue walls and ancient ramparts are beautiful and exotically foreign. Don’t miss the beautiful garden of the kasbah (entrance for free), and check out the neighboring cafe overlooking the river. There are beautiful views from the top of the ramparts that over look the ocean, the beach and the neighboring city of Sale.

The Garden of the Oudaya

This garden is one of the few peaceful spots in the city, and it’s free of charge. If you have some bread crumbs you can feed the fish in the pool at the top of the stairs, or toss in a penny for good luck. There is a jewelry museum in the garden but it’s nothing special. Through the arch at the end of the garden is the terrace cafe.

The Terrace cafe

The terrace cafe is built into the ramparts of the kasbah above the Bouregreg river, and the view is fantastic. Plus after a day of walking through the city, you’ll be glad to sit and relax. You can order mint tea, soda or bottled water here, and a guy comes by every few minutes to offer you traditional pastries.

Kasbah des oudaya, Rabat Morocco

The view from the terrace cafe.

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