The Rabat Bus Station

Bus station Rabat Morocco

The Rabat Bus Station

The Main bus station in Rabat is called “Al Kamara”. And from there you can take a bus to anywhere in the country.

Tips for the Rabat Bus Station (map)– As of 2013 you can find the Rabat Bus Schedule online, right here on RabatHotels.

If you want to travel on CTM the main private bus line, you can find out the schedule by calling them on the phone: (+212) 5 37 79 51 24 (dial this with a zero at the front from inside morocco).

The first thing you’ll notice at the bus station here is a large number of people out front shouting about buses about to depart. Try your best to ignore these guys and go inside to the ticket counters, find the window with your destination written above it and off you go.  DO NOT check in any bags here. If you have a large bag that won’t fit in the luggage rack above your seat take everything valuable out before you put it under the bus, because you might never see it again.

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