The Rabat Beach

Rabat Beach Morocco

View of the Kasbah From the Rabat Beach

The Rabat Beach

One word of advice for visiting this beach: Don’t swim in the river (because the dirty water can make you sick). This beach is extremely popular with locals all summer long, it has lifeguards, and places to rent surfboards, kayaks, and sailboats. For $1.50 you can also rent a nice beach umbrella to keep the sun off of you. When the tide is out, tons of people gather to play soccer on the flat expanse of sand. Moroccans love to dive off of the rock pier, and several are killed every year by striking rocks under the water.

Surfing in Rabat

There is a surf club in Rabat, that rents boards and wetsuits as well as providing surf lessons. (it’s called surf club des Oudayas) Most nearby surfing is further down along the rocky coast away from the city beach.

The Sale Beach

The sale beach is longer and wider, but requires some travel to reach since taxis cannot take you across the bridge between the cities… or you could swim there, but well that would mean crossing the river. If you’re willing to travel you could head all the way out to the amazingĀ  beautiful beach and sand bar at “Sable D’or” in Temara.

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