Moroccan Vacation with Kids: Fun at the Rabat Zoo

The Rabat Zoo, which opened at the beginning of 2012, is located on the

outskirts of Rabat near the site of the old zoo, unofficially called the Temara

Zoo. The zoo is home to more than 1,000 animals and 130 species, along with

flora and fauna found uniquely in Morocco, the Sahara and across the rest of the

continent. Five zones represent five separate ecosystems, featuring elephants,

giraffes and the unique Atlas, or Barbary, lions, which are extinct in the wild.

There is also a pedagogical farm where young visitors can get a close-up look at

dairy and wool production, along with workshops for children to learn about the

habits of certain animals.

Tickets are supposed to be available online, but the website has some glitches.

Entrance fees are reasonable, just 30dh (~$3.50) for children 3-12, and with

special deals for families and Monday discounts. Website:

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