How to Mail a post card in Morocco

How much postage is needed to send a postcard from Morocco?

Postage to Europe: about  8Dh. Postage to the USA and most of the rest of the world: 16DH.

Moroccan Mailbox PostboxThe most difficult part of sending mail from Morocco is purchasing stamps, they are available at post offices, stationary stores and newsstands (which all have limited hours, and are closed at lunch everyday, and basically all day on fridays and sundays). Some corner stores will also sell stamps.

Where can I send a postcard?

You can send a postcard from any Yellow post box, like the one shown above. Most major intersections will have one of these boxes somewhere if you look closely on walls and corners of buildings. You can also mail your postcard from any post office, and often you can mail it from the front desk if you booked a luxury hotel.

How do I address a postcard from Morocco?

Write the address as you normally would, but make sure to write the name of your country in capital letters below the address IN FRENCH. Otherwise your letter stands a chance of never arriving. For your convenience here are some of the popular ones. Royaume Unis = U.K. | Etats Unis = USA | Pays Bas= Netherlands


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