Hotels for Mawazine in Rabat

Ok, Mawazine 2010 is already in full swing with performers from all over the world. We’ll give you some great tips for enjoying the action, and where to stay to enjoy it all.

Get the most out of Mawazine

Mawazine is extremely vaired from massive outdoor concerts wild enough to be considered a riot, to elite high culture performers that command the highest ticket prices. Concerts and performances where you’ve purchased a ticket will be much the same as you’re familiar with in the US or Europe. The free concerts are another thing altogether. In these cases traffic and parking make it extremely unwise to arrive by car, and finding a taxi or bus home afterwards is a total nightmare, so be prepared to walk (and choose a nearby hotel!). Also, keep your wits about you, last year several people were trampled to death in the crowds at one venue, and it’s a popular place to have your purse or wallet stolen.

Boulevard Mohammed 5th

Hotel Balima, Hotel Majestic, and Galeche D’or the closest, since the stage is usually set up in front of the old Bank Al Maghreb.  La Pietri and Helnan Chellah are also a decent option, but not as close.

Theater Mohammed 5th.

This is the main theater for the classier and certainly for the more expensive shows of Mawazine. The Best Hotels for this location are the Grand Hotel, the Hotel Rabat, and the Tour Hassan.

Bouregreg River, Rabat, Morocco

Credit: Wikimedia


There are usually some giant concerts held on the recently renovated shores of the Bouregreg river. Your nearest hotels for this venue will be the Grand Tulip Farah and naturally the Hotel Bouregreg.

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