The Chellah of Rabat

The Chellah was first built by the Romans. Most of Morocco was once part of the Roman Empire. Rabat and Sale were the far south western boarder of Rome. The Chellah

was built by them as a fortress town. *For some amazing roman ruins check out the abandoned city of Volubilis outside of

Meknes. This city contains all the elements of an ancient roman town including a well preserved market place. After the

Romans left the area Moroccan sultans moved in. The build a large mosque in the fortress, and several of these sultans were

buried here.

Admission to the site is 10 Dirhams per person. There is also a small garden in part of the ruins, and on one place there is

a pool of water with eels in it. Local custom is for women to throw a boiled egg into the water for the eels to eat, and

thereby ensure their fertility. If you didn’t bring and egg with you, you can always buy one from the old lady who sells

candles and feeds the cats by the side of the pool. Also don’t touch the cats, they are so so gross!Chellah Information Sign, Rabat

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