Bab Al Hed (Bobblehead) Market, Rabat

Bab Al Hed is one of the noisiest and most crowded markets in Morocco, but it’s also one of the most fun! Wade on in to the mayhem and explore what life in morocco has been like for a thousand years, with people selling everything from Jewelry to Car parts from tiny stalls. Bab al Hed is the main entrance to what’s called the Old Medina of Rabat, this large area is pedestrians only, with barely enough space for the odd donkey with a cart. The sellers that have their wares on mats in the street don’t have a vendors liscence, so thier stuff is cheap, but every few hours the cops sweep through, and if they catch these guys they rough them up and make a big scene.

Many of Rabat’s cheapest hotel options are located in the warren of streets beyond Bab Al Hed, and before long you’ll start to see signs for them, but those signs might be in arabic, so good luck! Stick to main streets and keep out of the alleyways, and you’ll be fine, but it can be easy to get lost of you start winding your way down the tiny alleys that crisscross the Old Medina. Also, HANG ONTO YOUR WALLET a long time ago this was a good place to get your wallet or purse stolen, but  a newly installed police post keeps things in line.

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