Soccer in Rabat: Tickets and Teams

Soccer in Rabat

Rabat is host to two major club soccer teams, both in Morocco’s top soccer division.
F.A.R. Short for Forces Armees Royales was founded by the previous king, Hassan II. They play at the
massive Stade Moulay Abdellah on the Road to Rabat (PICTURED). Rabat’s second major team is F.U.S. or
Fath Union Sportive, and an intensive rivalry exists between the two teams.

Buying Tickets for Moroccan Soccer games

-Tickets usually need to be purchased at the stadium, and are usually still available on the day of
the match. For major events, tickets are sometimes available at Marjane (a local supermarket chain). Seating is usually free (without respect for ticket number). Keep in mind that Moroccan soccer matches can get rowdy and even violent, so plan to pay extra for nicer seats, and you’ll likely avoid the hoodlums and ruffians in the cheap seats. Concessions are available and usually cheap compared to the US and Europe.
upcoming 2011 Games:
-May 21st
FUS Rabat – Home at Stadium Moulay Abdellah vs Kawkeb Marrakech
-May 25th FAR Rabat – vs Chabab Kasba Tadla
home in Stadium Moulay Abdellah
The League games start back up in August for the 2011/2012 season.
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