Rabat’s Exotic Garden of Bouknadel

Exotic Gardens of Bouknadel in Rabat

The Exotic Gardens of Bouknadel are on the main road between Sale and Kenitra. The Gardens feature several acres of manicured greenery, especially vines, palms, and other tropical plants, with special sections like a japanese garden, and a jungle with rope bridges.

You’ll need to take a grand taxi headed towards Kenitra from Rabat. The taxi stand is located next to Hotel Bouregreg and Hotel Grand Tulip Farah. If you’re driving, take the coastal road from Sale to Kenitra.

The entry fee is 10 Dh. There are tables for picnic lunches, but nowhere to buy food, so you’ll need to bring your own. For another 10 Dh you can view the small lizard house with local snakes, lizards and spiders. The aviary (bird cage) is free and has many types of exotic birds.

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